Dia Xeiros...

Welcome to “Dia Xeiros…” Restaurant

Our Restaurant

The story begins in 2004! The idea is simple. It also expresses the name in Greek. To create a place to cook food “handmade & homemade”. So the idea started and success came. Up to now hundreds of friends have already tried our ‘handmade’ food.

Our Menu

Discover unique flavors of homemade burgers with honey or caramelized vegetables with burgers of fresh meat! Eat meals such as kebab, chicken soup, chicken, pizza always delicious and fresh, cooked “Greek”.

Dia Xeiros... Entertainment

And since our mission is to re-create live music, things come alive even more. The sound of musical instruments gives another feeling. So, we also have live nights for you at the second floor.

Choose among a great variety of delicious plates